iSchoolAfrica Project offers our schools a ticket to the future

Published: January 21, 2010  Author: Michelle Lissoos

Each of the schools in Ledig will be allocated a mobile computer laboratory. Each of the schools in Ledig will be allocated a mobile computer laboratory.

In line with our vision to transform the lives of our youth – we will be introducing iSchoolAfrica to all eight of our schools

What is iSchool Africa?

iSchoolAfrica brings the best educational technology and practices to teachers and learners in Africa.  Mobile computer laboratories – lockable carts containing 12 MacBook laptop computers, 12 cameras and a projector – are at the core of the iSchoolAfrica programme. These mobile classrooms are moved around the school as required. Rather than assign a designated computer room for teaching children how to use a computer, digital tools are used to transform and improve the way we teach and learn; computers become as integral to the classroom as a chalkboard or pencils.

iSchoolAfrica facilitators will work with principals, teachers and our learners to ensure we are all trained in the MacBook iLife suite – which will allow our schools to create multimedia projects across all subjects and grades.

An iSchool mobile computer laboratory

What sets Apple’s education solution apart from other ICT solutions for schools is that Apple offers learners the tools to craft their own digital projects and turns learning into a collaborative, explorative process.

iSchoolAfrica comes to the Ledig Community

Each of our schools will be allocated a mobile computer laboratory. Our teachers and learners will be trained to use the MacBooks to create digital projects that are relevant to the curriculum and the community.

The programme will include:

  • Teacher training
  • Learner training
  • Curriculum integration
  • Presentation to communities of multimedia projects

We will keep you updated as our schools move into the 21st century.